About Your Law Firm Marketing Coach
Henry Harlow

As a law firm marketing coach I have coached  over 1,000 attorneys who have benefited from my contribution to their law practice management and most importantly their lives. For more than 40 years, I have coached, trained, and consulted within service businesses.

My last 13 years has been working with attorneys.

I teach lawyers how to increase their incomes, reduce their work hours so they have more control with less stress thus they can serve their clients better than ever.

I focus on four domains in law practice management:

  • Time Management/Productivity
  • Lawyer Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Cash Flow

During my career, I have served as a psychotherapist, marketing representative, marketing director, manager, consultant and coach. My clients have included small and mid-size businesses, hospitals, major corporations (including Fortune 500 companies), and of course law practices almost exclusively for the last 13 years. I have worked with some of the best names in the small law firm practice management consulting arena. As a law firm marketing coach, I have individually coached over 1,000 lawyers.

A Law Firm Marketing Coach for Lawyers at Every Level

I have had success helping solo attorneys working on “shoestring budgets.” I am an experienced business builder. I have built, operated, and sold businesses, including a psychotherapy practice with six locations seeing 400 to 500 clients weekly.

As a licensed psychotherapist, licensed facilitator of Get Clients Now!™, and Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, I leverage both my academic training and real-world experience to get results that few in my field can deliver. I hold a bachelor’s degree in business and psychology as well as a master's degree in psychology and counseling.

As a human being and a law firm marketing coach I am committed to constant and never-ending improvement – to getting feedback from my clients, finding out what works and discarding what doesn’t, and generally approaching life with a deep curiosity.

Above All, I am Committed to Providing Value and Results

  • One of my interesting promises – what sets him apart from many other small law firm marketing coaches and consultants – is my promise to deliver positive results or accept no fee up front or ever unless you say you received value from my contribution.
  • My commitment is to deliver real value in law practice management– value that can change your practice, transform your life, and improve practically every aspect of your business not just your lawyer marketing.

I am based in Winter Park, Florida – a suburb of Orlando – and I offer one-on-one consulting via phone as my primary mode of making a difference for you. I also give you a large treasure trove of tips, techniques and solutions on my Free Resources page.

If you are interested in considering retaining me as your law firm marketing coach, call 888-434-3006, or contact me via e-mail and we will spend quality time together to see if we have a match.  If we don't have a match you will be better off than you were before we talked, I can promise you, with a good referral to one of my strategic relationships or competitors that I think will fit the bill for you.