Marketing Your Law Firm and Need Better Results? A Proven, Guided Pathway to Success with Coaching

Marketing your law firm effectively is neither intuitive, nor easy, particularly if you are a solo attorney or if you operate a small firm. You need expert advice and answers. You realize coaching might help, or you likely you would not be on this website now.

  • You understand that information, even the right information, is not enough.
  • Reading books alone doesn't work.
  • Listening to audios alone doesn't work.
  • Attending seminars alone doesn't work.

Why? Because research shows: information alone won't result in successful action! You need to implement the information in your life and practice. This requires commitment, motivation, accountability and tools.

Our thoughts and beliefs drive our feelings and behaviors. You can't get to where you want to be without changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits. Changing these also takes commitment, motivation and accountability.

For maximum success in marketing your law firm you must have...
an integrated approach

  • the right information
  • the right thoughts and beliefs
  • the right feelings and behaviors
  • the right actions
  • the right timing

Consider the case of a world-class professional athlete.

A good athlete knows his game; he has a lot of the right information. He practices a lot. He has access to the best tools. He then goes out on game day and plays. During the game, he gets coaching, which serves as feedback on how he is playing. The coach keeps him motivated. The coach holds him accountable. When the game is over, the coach works with him between games.

That is how professional teams and players work. The same process works for professional actors who have coaches. The same process can work for you in marketing your law firm.

A Coach Can Steel You to Face Down and Defeat the Inertia Keeping You from Success

Eliminate equivocation and excuses...
Coaches don't let you have reasons, excuses and justifications for failure. They drive you to keep your promises, so you can achieve your vision in marketing your law firm.

Provide no-holds-barred useable feedback...
Coaches can see you objectively and can see things about your habits and performance that you fail to notice.

Drill the fundamentals and change your mindset to be oriented to success!

Coaches stay with you over time until the new thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors become the new normal -- until success becomes your natural, habitual state of being.

I don't know exactly what brought you here today. I can tell you now is the time to act and move forward with marketing your law firm. But you will nevertheless think of reasons not to call, like:

  1. "I can't afford it." First of all, I doubt that! But we can explore this issue and test it for accuracy. I can almost certainly enter you in a program that you can afford comfortably.
  2. "Now is not the right time for me."  Call me, and let's see if that holds water.
  3. You worry about what others will think, when you tell them you have a coach. Do you think professional athletes or actors worry about that one?
  4. You don't want to make a decision or a commitment... Fear of the unknown is normal and natural. Most human beings have that one! But you don't have to let that fear run your life or impact marketing your law firm. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve as a professional, and break through that fear to get the help you sorely need.

The Basic Principles of My Coaching

Every client is different. I individualize my approach for each person, based on his or her needs and circumstances. Not every client is a proper fit. That’s why I provide a free consultation, because I want to avoid wasting anyone’s time. Additionally, different practice areas with your unique personality require different approaches in marketing your law firm.

The field of attorney marketing is vast and expanding; I don’t claim to understand every aspect of it or every new nuance. I know and I respect my limitations, and I want to make sure that I deliver on the value that I promise and that you need.

To that end, I work closely and collaboratively with other law practice management consultants who have complementary skills and expertise. As our coaching relationship evolves, if you need more or different help -- or, if it turns out that I am not the right fit -- I will happily refer you to these trusted consultants. (I don’t expect or accept referral fees, as that would be a conflict of interest.)

Marketing Your Law Firm Is Probably Easier than You Realize

What is in it for you to do a free consultation with me?

  1. You will get attorney marketing tips, techniques and solutions that you can put to use today in marketing your law firm.
  2. You will get your pressing questions answered about law practice management issues.
  3. What you won't get is a sales pitch, since I can't sell you on a coaching program.
  4. You have to want to be coached.
  5. In addition, I have to want to coach you. I don't want to coach everyone...nothing personal... we are just not a good fit.

Through coaching, you will discover and unlock powerful potential in your practice, reduce stresses on your family and firm, supercharge your marketing, and eliminate the obstacles preventing you from hitting your goals.

Call 888-434-3006 to discuss coaching, or contact me about marketing your law firm. I look forward to getting to know you better.