Small Law Firm Marketing Services
Educate Yourself to Success, Growth
and More Free Time

Small firm law marketing challenges typically extend beyond the more obvious issues you face, like:

  • How can I attract more clients?
  • What’s the most effective marketing strategy for my firm?
  • How do I guarantee an ROI on any advertisements I have?

To answer these questions fully – to resolve the crises or challenges that your firm faces and/or to seize on the proper opportunities for growth – you need detailed assessments, coaching, and training.

The following is a description of the small law firm marketing services we provide.

Practice Assessment Session

  • How does your practice currently operate?
  • What are the processes and systems you have in place now?
  • How is your attorney web marketing going?
  • What you are doing now that’s working or not working?
  • Where are your constraints and obstacles?

This session will allow you to gain clarity about where you are now, so you can make progress toward your goals and blast through the obstacles holding you back. Sometimes that is all you need and we are finished.

Coaching Programs

Choose from one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, or large group coaching to decisively meet and conquer your small law firm marketing challenges.

Internet Marketing Consulting

The web offers an ocean full of business opportunities. However, like the ocean, it is replete with danger as well. Inexperienced, naïve, or less-than-strategic marketing can sink the firm. Powerful attorney web marketing consulting will ensure your safe passage through the murky depths.

Behavioral Assessments - DISC

The best small law firm marketing success stories are stories of personal growth. A better understanding your personality is key to understanding the marketing challenges that you face as well as learning how to convert prospects to clients.

Pre-employment Testing - DISC & Values

As the famous business analyst Jim Collins wrote in his book, Good to Great, one essential component of business success is getting “the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.” How you hire, whom you recruit, and how you solve personnel problems will profoundly impact your ability to succeed with attorney marketing and management of your firm.

Retreat Facilitation

Solving your marketing problems via a retreat is a powerful and potentially even life-changing experience. How can you deploy this tool to help your business?

On-site Training

E-mail learning, small group coaching, and even one-on-one training have their place and in most firms by far that I work with that is sufficient. Nevertheless, sometimes attorneys need on-site assistance with crucial logistical, managerial, and process issues. Small law firm marketing training – onsite – has the potential to increase your competitive edge and eliminate the nagging obstacles that remain deeply entrenched in your practice, associates, staff and even partners.

Ready to get started with attorney marketing and management solutions then call or email Henry now for your free consultation to see if there is a good fit.